The Top Tier for Waterproof Flooring

Our SPC flooring truly worth as a quality and ecological purchase. Plank surface is equipped with EIR embossed decorate layer so it can replicate the beauty of hardwood, the 20-mil wear layer on top provides an essential scratch resistant feature. The core body consists non-foamed and solid stone plastic material which provides superior stability and long-lasting usage life. The attached foam buffer works as a sound suppressant and is essential for shock absorption, it also helps to smooth out minor subfloor imperfections while adding comfort and warmth to the floor. While featuring all the living benefit, our planks are made from 100% ecological ingredients, they are formaldehyde free.

 Heat Resistance 

The product is made using high temperature pressing, making it to have the ability to withhold heat up to 90°C


The flooring is densely packed and pressurized to create a 100% waterproof surface


The double slabs of solid LVT layers creates a sturdy structure that is immune to any bending and curving

Scratch Resistance

The 20 mm wear layer provides a non-slippery & scratch resistant surface, making the product suitable for any household

Product Details