Manufacturer Defects


Lions Floor warrants to the original buyer of the goods to be free from manufacturing defects. Lions Floor Waterproof Wood, WPC, and Laminates are guaranteed warranty under residential conditions and proper maintenance for up to 25 years warranty on finish and lifetime warranty on structure. Lions Floor Laminate series is warranted under residential conditions and proper maintenance for up to 10 years. For Maintenance guide please visit NWFA website at http://woodfloors.org/maintenance.aspx. Floors are manufactured within accepted industry standards that permit a defect tolerance not exceeding 5%. Engineered wood has natural characteristics such as mineral streaks, knots, and grain variation. The owner or installer should reasonably select, hold out, or saw off naturally occurring glaring defects before installation. All flooring may vary from the samples or images from the website. Please inspect the material prior to installation.


Finish Warranty  


Lions Floor warrants the buyer that the wood floors finish will not wear completely by normal use. If the flooring finish wears, Lions Floor will provide the option to refinished or replace the affected pieces.


Any of the following shall be void or excluded from the warranties:


1. Any/all shipping costs back to company/warehouse for replacement, exchange or refund.

                  2. Any/all damage resulting from any pets. These may include but not limited to: chewing, scratching, urination or fecal matter.

       3. Any/all color variations due to production run differences or exact color, shade, or mottling

(spots or blotches of different shades or colors) from production molds.

                 4.Any/all damage resulting from improper installation or failure to follow recommended installation instructions.

5. Any/all damage caused by improper use of chemicals and/or cleaning agents.

6. Any/all damage caused by moisture, hydro-static pressure, or alkali from the sub-floor.

7.Any/all damage resulting from shoes such as golf spikes, high heels, or spiked shoes.

8.Any/all damage from chemical reactions. This product is NOT recommended for use in areas where food preparation takes place such as commercial kitchens. This flooring is not compatible with cooking oils and liquids from vegetable fats - These materials are not compatible with this flooring and can cause injury from slipping and unwanted microbial growth on and beneath the floor surface. Chemicals such as methyl-ethyl-ketone (MEK) or Acetone are also not compatible with this flooring. Adequate testing of all chemicals potentially exposed to the flooring should be conducted prior to installation.

9.Any/all damage resulting from color fading. Lions PVC Flooring is not intended for 100% outdoor installations - particularly in environments where there is extended exposure to the Sun that can cause fading in color. (Even though our products are infused with UV-Inhibitor, fading can occur).

10.Any/all damage resulting from staining by tires.  Many tires contain phenylenediamine (6PPD) which can be damaging when tires are hot and can transfer stains onto floor tiles. Also, tires can bring in chemicals or materials from road surfaces that could stain our floor tiles. It is recommended that darker tiles (such as black) be used to create the desired pattern to cover the area where vehicle tires and potential fluids may be leaked from any vehicles. White tiles are not recommended nor warranted for use in these areas.



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